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Tooth Pulling Via Camaro Might Make a Good Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
Tooth Pulling Via Camaro

Tooth Pulling Via Camaro

I’ve always been a procrastinator, so I’m very familiar with the parental threat that goes something like “you better let that tooth fall out or I’ll tie it to the back of the car.” I always thought it was a joke, but now that I’ve seen a recent video of a kid’s tooth pulling via Camaro I know that it’s actually real.  And furthermore, I wish someone had done it to me as a kid.

Of course, even if someone had pulled out one of my baby teeth with a car, it would have been before the current era of social media, when these things get uploaded to the internet with viral-friendly titles like Tooth pulling via #camaro. But hashtags or not, it’s an entertaining watch, and there’s just something satisfying about seeing a tooth get dislodged in such a dynamic way.

Then there’s the Camaro part of the equation, which leads to some very cool engine revving that the 8-year-old kid in the video probably loved – not to mention his dad. You can see the whole tooth pulling via Camaro go down for yourself below, and stay tuned to see if the Chevrolet people end up using it in an ad.

Here’s the video:

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