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“Tony’s Tech”: Tony Hawk Shows Off Electronics Collection (Video)

by Joseph
Tony's Tech

Tony's Tech

Tony Hawk is mostly known as a skateboarder, but did you know he was also a hardcore collector of gadgets as well? It’s that side of Hawk’s life that is the focus of “Tony’s Tech,” a new video feature for his own RIDE Channel that highlights the pieces of technology he’s accumulated over the years.

Watching “Tony’s Tech,” it’s clear that the technological era closest to Tony Hawk’s heart is the 1980s, when Walkmen and camcorders ruled. But he also singles out his new 3D printer, a practically antique 3D camcorder, and even a 100-disc DVD changer (which unfortunately isn’t actually shown onscreen). Most interestingly, Hawk draws a direct line between his skateboarding technique and his approach to technology collection—he’s only interested in “what tricks it can do,” not in its aesthetic appearance or style.

You can check out “Tony’s Tech” for yourself below. And for more from Tony Hawk’s RIDE Channel, check it out on YouTube right here.

Here’s the video:

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