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Tony Hawk Tests Hendo Hoverboard (Video)

by Joseph
Tony Hawk Hoverboard Test

Tony Hawk Hoverboard Test

In case you were still on the fence about the existence of real hoverboards, skate legend Tony Hawk has taken a Hendo Hoverboard for a test run and shared the results with the whole world. And unlike Hawk’s previous association with a hoverboard that ended up being a Funny or Die hoax, this time it’s all very real.

We told you about the Hendo Hoverboard a while ago, but now you can also take the word of Tony Hawk, who took one for a spin in conjunction with RIDE Channel and Dave Carnie. According to Carnie, the Hendo is “hard as shit to ride,” but at least it actually exists.

You can watch Tony Hawk testing out a Hendo Hoverboard in the video below. And to read more about the board and Hawk’s experience with it, take a look at Dave Carnie’s detailed account of the event over at RIDE Channel here.

Here’s the video:

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