Home Tech & Gear Tomatan: Japanese Robot Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run (Video)

Tomatan: Japanese Robot Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run (Video)

by Joseph


We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of a hearty jog and an irresistible craving seizes you – you have to have a tomato, and now. In the dreary old past, you would have to run to your nearest supermarket, grab a tomato from the produce section, purchase it, and then eat it (that’s provided you run with your wallet in the first place), ruining the flow of your workout. But now, thanks to Tomatan, a new tomato-feeding wearable robot from Japanese juice company Kagome, you don’t even have to stop running to have a delicious tomato deposited directly into your mouth.

Tomatan is an example of the Japanese art of chindōgu, which involves creating complex machines that solve a particular problem but introduce a ton of other problems in its place (for a western equivalent, think of Rube Goldberg machines). One of the problems created by Tomatan is the fact that it weighs 18 pounds, which isn’t exactly fun when you’re trying to run (I don’t know if that weight includes the tomatoes or not).

You can check out Tomatan in action in the video below. And for more from Kagome, check out the company’s official American website right here.

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