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Tom Ford Wood and Tobacco Scented Colognes

by Joseph
Tom Ford Colognes

Tom Ford Colognes

One of the many pies with Tom Ford‘s finger inside it is male fragrances, and now there are a couple of specialty scented colognes from Tom Ford that will bring your aroma into previously undreamed levels of masculinity.

Those scents include “Wood” and “Tobacco,” two smells that have become a lot less common in the 21st century. But Tom Ford recognizes that they still have their charms, even if you’re a non-smoker who hasn’t smelled sawdust since your high school shop class. Tom Ford OUD Wood contains scents of rosewood, cardamom, and a lot more, while Tobacco OUD is patterned after premium Arabic tobacco.

If smelling like cigarettes and/or carpentry sounds like the thing your fragrance game needs, check out Tom Ford’s OUD Wood and Tobacco OUD, along with Tom Ford’s other specialty colognes, at an online store like this one. They start at around $200, so this might still be cheaper than picking up smoking again in the long run.

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