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Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne

by Joseph
Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford Black Orchid

I don’t know what a black orchid smells like, nor would I even be able to pick out an orchid in a greenhouse, let alone a black one. But perhaps I’m just not in the target demographic for Tom Ford Black Orchid, the new fragrance from the iconic fashion designer.

Tom Ford Black Orchid combines the sent of the titular flower with plum, patchouli, and various other spices and woods for a unique and masculine scent. And when I say “unique,” I mean that literally, since the cologne is designed to react to each wearer’s individual body chemistry to complete its own aroma, meaning that each person who wears it will produce a slightly different olfactory effect.

To find out how Tom Ford Black Orchind will react to your body chemistry, you’ll need to drop a hundred bucks on a bottle from a retailer like MR PORTER, where you can find the fragrance’s listing (it’s sold out online, unfortunately) right here.

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