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Tom Cruise: Legendary Actor and… Cake Giver?

by Kevin Nardone

Hollywood gets A LOT of criticism these days. A lot.

And in many ways—it is deserved. There are some weird cats out in L.A. many of which have gotten up to more than their fair share of trouble.

But Tom Cruise is quickly climbing my power ranks for most hateable Hollywood weirdo out there.

He has the whole Scientology deal going on, which is a bad place to start. And now, it turns out he has some bizarre tradition where everyone in the industry on his ‘Holiday List’ gets sent their own white cake—more specifically a white chocolate coconut Bundt cake made by Doan’s Bakery in Woodland Hills.

Listen, there are plenty of people in Hollywood (Tom Cruise included) who have done worse stuff than give away cakes during the holidays. I get that. But this just doesn’t sit right. Either send a card or ignore your coworkers like everyone else does Tom.

It can’t be that hard to be normal.

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