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‘Tokyo Gifathon’ Animations from James Curran (Video)

by Joseph
Tokyo Gifathon

Tokyo Gifathon

James Curran is the guy who brought us the LA Gifathon, which sought to encapsulate the city of Los Angeles in thirty animated GIFs. He recently did the same with Tokyo, Japan, and the end result is Tokyo Gifathon, which depicts 30 aspects of life in Tokyo in animated GIF form, then strings them all together in one entertaining two-minute package.

Tokyo Gifathon covers crossing the street, riding the train, and even using the high-tech toilets of Tokyo, all in Curran’s signature style of animation that should be familiar to anyone who’s ever checked out his earlier work. It sure beats scrolling through Instagram photos of some guy’s trip to Japan, that’s for sure.

You can watch Tokyo Gifathon below, as long as you’ve got two minutes to spare and a tolerance for watching a guy with a beard cavort across Tokyo. For more, head over to Curran’s official Slim Jim Studios site right here.

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