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Toasting Knife Invented by Colin Furze (Video)

by Joseph
Toasting Knife

Toasting Knife

We all know the expression “the best thing since sliced bread,” but isn’t it about time that bread slicing itself got an improvement? Inventor and host of Furze’s Invention Show Colin Furze has made that improvement in the form of the Toasting Knife, a homemade knife that toasts bread as it slices.

Before you get your hopes up, you should know that the Toasting Knife is just a prototype, and isn’t likely to be found in any Sharper Image or SkyMall catalogs any time soon. But it’s still an impressive piece of handiwork by Furze, and it’s fun to see it in action, slicing and toasting simultaneously.

You can do just that by checking out the “Toasting Knife” episode of Furze’s Invention Show below. And for more crazy inventions from Colin Furze, check out the rest of the show at its official YouTube channel right here.

Introducing the Toasting Knife:

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