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Toast Ale: Beer Made With Surplus Bread (Video)

by Joseph
Toast Ale

Toast Ale

A toast, ladies and gentlemen, to the beer made from surplus bread as a way orchestrated by activist Tristram Stuart to combat food waste. It’s called Toast Ale, and it comes in three different varieties, all of which are preventing bread from going to waste somewhere.

Those three varieties of Toast Ale are Craft Ale, Pale Lager, and Session IPA, and supposedly it tastes pretty great too, contrary to what you might expect given that it’s a beer that’s made from old bread and sold to benefit environmental charity. This statement from the brand’s official site pretty much sums things up:

“We source surplus loaves from bakeries and the heel ends of loaves not used in commercial sandwiches from the manufacturers. We combine that bread with malted barley, hops, yeast and water to brew a truly delicious beer.”

If you’re thirsty and/or feel like cutting down on food waste the easy way, head over to the Toast Ale site right here for more information, or just watch the introductory video below.


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