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Toad Stacking: Australia’s Newest Extreme Craze (Video)

by Joseph
Toad Stacking

Toad Stacking

The stereotype about Australians is that they’re always surfing or performing other extreme sports. But while a new activity by the YouTube handle of swampgarage can certainly be called “extreme,” I doubt if even the most liberal ESPN2 programming director would in good conscience call toad stacking a sport.

The extremeness of toad stacking comes in when you find out that Australia is home to a surplus of extremely poisonous cane toads. So instead of the time-honored sadism of frog-gigging, which can create some dangerous toxic blowback, Australians turn to toad stacking. Or at least one specific Australian has.

I don’t know if toad stacking will take off and become the latest hot trend among teens and other Snapchat users, but I suspect the fact that it requires you to touch toads will be a serious liability in its wider popularity.

You can watch the demonstration video below and decide for yourself.  And remember to be careful out there, particularly if you’re in an area populated by poisonous cane toads.

Here’s the video:

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