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‘To Scale: The Solar System’ (Video)

by Joseph
To Scale: The Solar System

To Scale: The Solar System

Every single illustration or model of the solar system used to carry an implicit (or explicit) disclaimer: “Not to scale.” Why? Because the scales involved are too large to be captured practically – or at least they were, before the unveiling of To Scale: The Solar System by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh.

To Scale: The Solar System is an installation constructed on a 7-mile dry lake bed somewhere in Nevada, and it features complete planetary orbits as well as its meticulously scaled planets and other celestial bodies. It really gives you an idea of just how small the Earth really is that other solar system models just aren’t able to convey.

Luckily for interested parties outside of the Nevada area, To Scale: The Solar System is accompanied by a short film of the same name, which you can watch below. And for more on the project, you can check out Wylie Overstreet’s Vimeo profile right here.

Here’s To Scale:

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