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Tivoli AudioModel One Radio

by Joseph
Tivoli AudioModel One Radio

One very underrated form of home entertainment these days that’s been around longer than almost everything else (except for books and board games) is simply listening to the radio. Even that can be done over the internet, but it’s possible that you crave a more analog experience, and you’re lucky enough to live in a place with at least a couple interesting radio stations. For you, there’s the Tivoli AudioModel One, a handsome, old fashioned, yet sophisticated radio for any home or office setting.

The Tivoli AudioModel One is a table radio that was designed with an eye towards serious, high-quality audio, which means it will more than likely sound better than the one in your car. Other features include the furniture-grade wooden cabinet, cutting-edge FM tuner, and more.

If you’re interested in more on the Tivoli AudioModel One, you can check out its listing on Amazon here, where it’s priced at a little over $135. And you can see a few photos of the radio in the gallery below.

Tivoli AudioModel One RadioTivoli AudioModel One RadioTivoli AudioModel One RadioTivoli AudioModel One Radio


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