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Titanium Pocket Bit: Keyring, Screwdriver, EDC Multitool

by Joseph
Titanium Pocket Bit

Titanium Pocket Bit

It’s not a good idea to load your keyring down with a bunch of unnecessary garbage – before you know it you’re lugging around a pound or two of metal on that thing, which is a bit of a waste for something that’s really just supposed to hold your keys. But the Titanium Pocket Bit packs plenty of functionality into its slight four grams, making it a worthwhile weight investment and possible replacement for almost any keyring

The Titanium Pocket Bit works as a screwdriver, bottle opener, box opener, miniature pry bar, and more, while also serving the purpose of a keyring. And the keyring doesn’t just hold keys, since it can also serve as a handle for the EDC tool.

You can pre-order your own Titanium Pocket Bit from the product’s listing on Kickstarter here. Pre-orders start at $10, and shipments are scheduled to begin in September, so you only have two months or so to live without it. ¬†Good luck!

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