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Titan Plus Keychain Flashlight

by Joseph
Titan Plus

Titan Plus

Keychain flashlights, if anyone ever thinks about them in the first place, are not known for their durability. But Surefire decided to go against conventional wisdom and whip up a keychain flashlight that can stand up to almost anything – the Titan Plus, a titanium keychain flashlight that’s described by the company as being “virtually indestructible.”

The Titan Plus, as its name is clearly meant to suggest, is an upgrade over Surefire’s previous Titan keychain flashlight, with a longer battery life and a maximum brightness in its LED more than twice that of the original. Its titanium construction means you’re unlikely to break it – and its $99 price tag means you’re almost equally unlikely to lose it.

If you’ve got a hundred bucks to spare you can order your Titan Plus, or just get some more information on all the wondrous things it can do, at the official Surefire site right here.

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