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TipTalk: Listen to Messages by Touching Your Ear

by Joseph


How’s this for a hypothetical future scenario: You get an alert that someone has committed the unspeakable faux pas of leaving you a voicemail, and to listen to it all you have to do is touch your ear, and the message is actually transmitted through your hand up to your finger and into your ear. That’s the somewhat creepy premise of Samsung‘s new TipTalk technology.

TipTalk works as a piece of wearable tech that transmits sound from the wearer’s wrist all the way up to his or her ear, using the tried-and-true acoustical power of human bones. It seems a little weird, sure, but so did Henry Ford’s Model T when people were used to riding around on horses.

You still have some time to get used to the idea of TipTalk before it’s released to the public, but in the meantime you can check out more about it at Engadget right here.

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