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21 Tips and Tricks to Help You Navigate iOS 7

by Esteban

tips and tricks for ios 7

Apple made a big deal about their new iPhones (which sold like hotcakes over the weekend), but it’s their new mobile operating system that’s really the bigger deal.

By now, chances are you’ve already downloaded and installed the new iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad. However, if you’re not a geek (like me), it’s quite possible that you still haven’t gotten the hang of all the new or redesigned features. So at this point you might be pretty down on the whole thing.

I want to change that. I actually think the new iOS 7 is pretty great once you get it all figured out. And to help you do that, I’ve put together this list of helpful tips and tricks. Take a look through it and learn some things you didn’t know about the system that transformed your iPhone. If you still hate iOS 7 after that, then fine. But I think you’ll appreciate it more.

Ready to start? Then let’s go…


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