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‘Tipping’ Cabin Concept by Christophe Benichou (Pics)

by Joseph

Tipping may not be a city in China, but it is a striking and bold concept for an outdoor cabin recently whipped up by artist and designer Christophe Benichou. True to its name, this cabin appears to tip over the edge of a cliff—or at least it would if it ever got actually built in the real world.

For now, though, Tipping is the province of the imagination. Of course, as long as it remains that way, you can lie to yourself and say you would have absolutely no trepidation whatsoever towards stepping inside, and you’ll never be proven wrong. It was created for a friend of the designer’s 30th birthday, and is intended for the top of the Pic Saint-Loup in the south of France.

You can see some of the concept art for Tipping in the gallery below. And you can read up on the project right here.

Here’s the gallery:


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