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Tiny1: Astronomy Camera From TinyMOS

by Joseph


A couple weeks ago everyone in the world was taking photos of the night sky in order to capture an image of the Super Blood Moon, a lunar phenomenon that culminated in a blood-red moon and tons of blurry photos on Facebook. But maybe those photos would have been a lot sharper if the Tiny1 from TinyMOS had been available back then.

The Tiny1 is a small camera that’s specifically designed to take clear, sharp photos of stars and other celestial bodies in the night sky. It uses low-light sensor advanced image processing to capture images of stars, constellations, and more, better than a traditional camera is able to, and has a “live preview” mode that uses real-time star charts.

It’s only in its prototype phase for now, but you can get more information on the Tin1 over at TinyMOS’ official site here, where you can also sign up to be alerted when the camera’s crowdfunding campaign begins soon.

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