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Timahawk Survival Multi-Tool

by Joseph


It’s a good thing that survival expert Tim Ralston’s parents gave him the name “Tim” and not “Joe” or “Steve” or “Dick,” because if they had gone with anything other than Tim or Tom, we wouldn’t have the Timahawk, a survivalist multi-tool that packs an incredible number of functions into a single bladed instrument.

The Timahawk is a 4130 pre-hardened steel tomahawk that’s also a hammer, prybar, and shovel, with strategically placed handles that allow for optimum efficiency regardless of the job you’re using it to do. And it probably goes without saying, but it’s a hell of a thing to have in your hands in a self-defense scenario.

Billed as representing “the next generation of survival tools,” the Timahawk can make almost any physical job under the sun easier and more efficient, and you might even be able to work out some psychological issues with it too. You can order yours for just under $240 at the Timahawk’s official site right here.

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