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Tim Cook Taking Ricochet Shots All Over the Internet

by Kevin Nardone

For the most part, life as the CEO of Apple seems pretty good.

Sure, it is a high stress job, but you also get to be on a short list of most influential people in the business world. Not to mention that Tim Cook is absolutely raking in the cash.

So, it is a decent gig for sure.

I imagine most days, Cook pops out of his $50,000 bed (unconfirmed), in his silk pajamas (also unconfirmed)—and goes to check his email. Sometimes there are fires to put out, but for the most part it is business as usual for him.

Except when Elon Musks spills the beans to the entire world that Cook snubbed him for a meeting in which Musk allegedly was going to propose Apple acquire Tesla for 1/10th of its current value.

And considering the massive hype and popularity that Tesla has gained during its recent charge, there was no shortage of people dragging Cook on the internet.

https://twitter.com/chewkytrades/status/1341489068106862592          Lucky for him, he can wipe his tears away with as many $100 bills as he wants, log off social media, and never really have to face the music.

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