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Tile: Tracking Tags You Can Attach to Almost Anything

by Joseph
Tile Tracking App

Tile Tracking App

Other than virginity, nobody likes to lose stuff. And with all this smart technology floating around, we should easily be able to track the things that are most important and most likely to be lost, like our keys and wallets – but there hasn’t been a really simple way to do this that’s caught on with the general public. PerhapsĀ TileĀ will be the app that changes that.

Tile works thanks to a system involving the titular tiles – small gadgets that are made to be attached to key rings but can be attached to pretty much anything. Once this happens, the Tile app can be used to locate all of the active tiles on a map, so if you lose sight of your keys, or whatever else, you’ll always be able to find them relatively quickly.

It’s an idea that basically sells itself, especially to people who consider themselves a little absent-minded and prone to losing important stuff. You can get more information on how Tile works by checking out the app’s official site right here.

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