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Tidal: Lossless Music Streaming App

by Joseph


Ask anyone* what the greatest tragedy of the 21st century is, and they’ll tell you it’s that no one cares about sound quality anymore. But that might be an understatement, since the makers of the new Tidal app apparently believe that there are people out there who care about sound quality in music, and some of them would be willing to pay $20 a month for high-quality music streaming.

Tidal offers listeners an extensive library of more than 25 million tracks at 1,400 kbps, which is the industry standard for lossless audio. That means better quality music, and it might just be a revelation for people who have spent years abusing their eardrums with mp3s and Spotify.

If you’re one of the brave few who’s willing to pay a little more ($20 a month, to be specific) for music as it’s intended to be listened to, you can get more information about the Tidal app on the product’s website here.


* By “anyone,” we mean Prince.

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