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‘Thunderball’: Original Poster Artwork Goes Up for Auction

by Joseph
Thunderball (Look Down!)

Thunderball (Look Down!)

Even people who hate James Bond movies have to admit that the posters are pretty cool – and this is triply true of the posters from the 60s, when posters were objectively better than they are now. So it’s pretty cool that some of Frank McCarthy’s original poster art for the 1965 Bond adventure Thunderball is going up for auction – even if you’ll probably never be able to afford it.

The Frank McCarthy poster art now on the auction block consists of two different pieces: Thunderball (Look Up!) and Thunderball (Look Down!). They both feature renderings of Sean Connery’s 007 in a pulp fiction tangle – the first showing Bond in a jetpack, and the second showing Bond underwater grappling with a scuba-suited SPECTRE agent.

The bidding on both pieces is at $30,000 at Paddle8 right here, where, if you can’t afford to place a winning bid, you can just take a look and dream.

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