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Thumb Tani: Artist Specializes in Coin Sculptures (Video)

by Joseph
Thumb Tani

Thumb Tani

Many of us have pocket change just sitting around doing nothing in a cup on our dressers. Japanese artist Thumb Tani puts us all to shame with his practiced specialty: Creating sculptures by stacking and interlocking regular coins together in ways that almost seem impossible to a novice.

I don’t know how Thumb Tani came to be the established master of the coin stack, but I like to imagine that it happened while he was working as a bank employee, dreamily making coin tower creations on his lunch break. This is a total fabrication on my part, but however he mastered his brand of coin sculpture, it must have taken an enormous amount of time and practice.

You can see some of that practice by watching Thumb Tani in action below. The soundtrack has been muted due to a copyright claim, so if I may, I’d like to suggest “Under My Thumb” as substitute accompaniment. You can see more of Tani’s work on his YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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