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‘Thriller’: Iconic Michael Jackson Album Free on Google Play

by Joseph


Here’s an intriguing 2015 business model for you: Take an album that literally everyone already owns, and offer it in a new format for free. Google Play is doing just that until November 27th, and the ubiquitous record in question is Michael Jackson‘s Thriller.

Until November 27th, you can add Thriller (Google Play Exclusive Version…whatever that means) to your Google Play library absolutely free of charge. If by some miracle/travesty you’ve never listened to it before, this is a perfect chance to have a digital copy of your own to enjoy.  And if you already own it in multiple formats, why not add one more? You never know when it might come in handy.

You can check out the free Google Play copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller right here. It’s too bad they didn’t offer this last month for Halloween, but you can’t really complain about free stuff, can you?


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