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Threadsmiths Cavalier: A Self-Cleaning T-Shirt (Video)

by Joseph
Threadsmiths Cavalier

Threadsmiths Cavalier

As I write this, my shirt (and, by extension, myself) is suffering from a pretty embarrassing recently acquired salsa stain. So this next product is closer than usual to my heart (as is the salsa stain): The Threadsmiths Cavalier, a hydrophobic “self-cleaning” t-shirt from Threadsmiths Clothing.

The technology behind the Threadsmiths Cavalier is too complicated for me to explain or understand, but suffice it to say that virtually no substance will stick to the shirt. Ketchup, dirt, soda, and yes, salsa just slide off the surface of the shirt as if it was never there in the first place, which not only keeps your shirt clean but also makes a pretty good party trick.

But why bother yacking about the Threadsmiths Cavalier’s stain-blocking, self-cleaning abilities when you can just watch the demonstration video below? And for more info on the shirt, including how to buy one for yourself, head over to the official Threadsmiths Clothing site here.

Here’s the video:

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