Home Entertainment “Thong Song”: Remix by JCY Has New Vocals from Sisqo (Audio)

“Thong Song”: Remix by JCY Has New Vocals from Sisqo (Audio)

by Joseph
Thong Song

Thong Song

DJ act and electronic music trio JCY remixed Sisqo’s 1999 jam “Thong Song” out of some mix of nostalgia and prankishness, but their efforts got the attention of none other than Sisqo himself, who took the time out of his busy schedule to provide brand new vocals for an official reissue of the song.

You probably know if you’re inclined or disinclined to listen to a “Thong Song” reissue no matter who is providing vocals on the track, so I won’t bother with any additional selling points – if you were around for the song’s heyday in the late-90s/early-2000s, it might prove a little bit difficult to resist the remix’s charms.

If that rings true, you can listen to the new version of “Thong Song” from JCY and Sisqo below. And for more stuff from JCY, head over to their official SoundCloud page right here. For more from Sisqo, you’re on your own.

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