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This Bar Saves Lives Added to First Class Delta Snacks

by Joseph
This Bar Saves Lives

This Bar Saves Lives

It’s December, which means it’s peak travel season, which in turn means that there’s a greater than usual probability that the snack offerings on Delta flights are of interest to you. And if you’re lucky enough to be flying first class on Delta this holiday season, you’ll be seeing something called This Bar Saves Lives in your snack basket.

This Bar Saves Lives is so named not because it saves the life of the person eating it – although it is a healthy, gluten free, non-GMO granola bar – but because for every bar sold the company donates a Plumpy’Nut or Nutributter nutrient packet to children living in needy communities without enough food to go aroudn. It might be enough to shave a couple ounces of guilt off of the first class Delta experience.

This Bar Saves Lives is not cheap, reportedly going for about $20 per dozen, and Delta has said it’s going to buy about 300,000 bars for its first class flights over a three month cycle.

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