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9 Things Every Man Should Know About Shaving

by Esteban

things every man should know about shaving

Every man has to shave. Maybe not every day. Maybe—if a guy works from home or is unemployed—not even every week. But we all have to put a razor to our cheek at one time or another. And it’s been that way for thousands of years.

So you’d think we’d all be pretty good at it by now. But we aren’t. The sad fact is, most men don’t know how to shave properly. Why? Well, I chalk it up to modern technological innovation. In the olden days, when the only tool men had to rid themselves of their whiskers was an open blade capable of slicing their heads right off, you damned well had to learn what you were doing…or else. But then somebody invented the safety razor. And then the disposable razor cartridge. And with the danger gone, people stopped learning how to do it properly.

But here’s the good news: today is the first day of the rest of your shaving life. This list won’t provide you with everything you need to know to give yourself the perfect shave, but it definitely is a start. So check it out. You’re sure to learn at least one new thing.


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