Home Entertainment ‘There’s… Johnny!’: Series Set in ‘The Tonight Show’ Heyday Gets Trailer (Video)

‘There’s… Johnny!’: Series Set in ‘The Tonight Show’ Heyday Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
There's... Johnny!

There's... Johnny!

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson is undoubtedly the most famous late night talk show of all time, establishing a template that is still followed with surprising faithfulness even today. Any show that influential is subject to its own mythology and lore, and now we have an upcoming dramatic series set backstage during the show’s 1970s heyday. It’s called There’s… Johnny!

Besides it’s odd punctuation, There’s… Johnny! will bring a convincing period aesthetic to the table when it premieres on Hulu next week, as well as performances from Jane Levy and Tony Danza. For now, you can check out what the show will look like in the new trailer for it below:

There’s… Johnny! will hit Hulu on November 16th and run for seven episodes. If you like what you see in the trailer above, hit up the official Hulu site right here for more information on it and other Hulu original programs.

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