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theOUTlet: Double Your Available Wall Outlets

by Joseph


Imagine Joe McDoakes, running around his modest but comfortable apartment, screaming “I gotta find an outlet! I gotta find an outlet!” If you identify with Joe’s struggle, theOUTlet is a cool new way to take care of all your outlet needs.

theOUTlet fits into any standard wall outlet casing, and at the touch of a button two additional outlets spring out, as seen in the photo above. It’s a little more involved than a surge protector, and you do have to install them in the outlets you want to be enhanced, but if it saves you the trouble of scrambling around for an outlet it might just be worth the hassle.

It might also be worth the money, too – $25 and up, to be exact, at theOUTlet’s Kickstarter campaign here. You’ve got another three weeks left to get in on the action, and if it raises its funds you might just start thinking of your old, traditional outlets as being basically worthless.

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