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The Xbox Puzzle Solved by FLEB (Video)

by Joseph
The Xbox Puzzle

The Xbox Puzzle

Buckle up folks, because this is going to get confusing. First things first, despite what you may have reasonably assumed by the title, The Xbox Puzzle has nothing to do with the Microsoft video game console of the same name. Actually, it’s an extremely complex puzzle box, the solution to which was recently posted by YouTube user FLEB, and the “X” in the name is taken from “X-Men.” Go figure!

I’m not a mutant, nor was I blessed with the intellect to even begin to solve The Xbox Puzzle, but I can say solving it is a very complicated process involving not just cryptograms but outside stimuli like lasers and ice (for Cyclops and Iceman, respectively) in order to solve it. But you’d be better off watching FLEB solve the puzzle, rather than have me trying to explain how it works:

I told you it was complicated. If you enjoyed watching the solution to The Xbox Puzzle, you can see more crazy puzzle-related content at FLEB’s YouTube channel right here.

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