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‘The Wolf’s Hour’ Kamisabi by Illustrator Kazuki Tamada (Video)

by Joseph
The Wolf's Hour

The Wolf's Hour

This is a cool thing but it might require a little bit of a primer first. There’s this author named Robert McCammon, right? He was kind of like Stephen King but better back in the day, and one of his most acclaimed works is The Wolf’s Hour, a World War II spy novel about Michael Gallatin, an undercover agent who takes on the Nazis and also happens to be a werewolf. The other thing you need to know is a little older – kamisabi, a traditional Japanese form of story telling that involves images put together sequentially. And, for some reason or another, illustrator Kazuki Tamada has created a kamisabi based on The Wolf’s Hour, which you can see below:

I’m not clear on the timeliness of this tribute to The Wolf’s Hour, but it does appear that Tamada is a long-time fan of McCammon’s work, and you can check out more of his illustrations at the author’s website right here. And if you made a New Year’s resolution to read more, let this be the motivation you need to carry it through.

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