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‘The Wire’ Gets New Animated Opening Sequence by Elliot Lim (Video)

by Joseph
Elliot Lim The Wire

Elliot Lim The Wire

There’s not much that I can say here about The Wire that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll get right to the point – even after several years off the air, it’s still inspiring artists like Elliot Lim, who recently produced a new animated opening sequence for the show.

Elliot Lim’s new opening sequence for The Wire uses the same Blind Boys of Alabama cover of “Way Down in the Hole” that the show‘s first season used (although I think this might be a slightly longer cut of the song), replacing its fast-cut surveillance and drug imagery with stylized animation somewhat reminiscent of the titles for Catch Me If You Can.

You can see Elliot Lim’s spin on The Wire’s opening sequence below, although you should be forewarned that it will probably make you want to crack the show open and watch it all over again. And for more of Lim’s work, check out his Vimeo account here.

Watch your step:

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