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The Whole Shabang: Snacks Previously Only Available to Inmates

by Joseph
The Whole Shabang

The Whole Shabang

If you’ve recently finished up a stretch inside, it’s possible that you’ve found yourself craving a certain snack. I’m talking about The Whole Shabang, the chip brand that’s so good, it makes you want to go back to prison. Fortunately, the snack that was formerly only available in correctional institutions is now available in the world, so you can enjoy it in the comfort (and freedom) of your own home.

The Whole Shabang comes in several varieties – chips, popcorn, “crunchies,” etc.—all with a flavoring that is described as “like an everything bagel but an everything [snack] with flavors of bbq, salt, vinegar and garlic.” After years of public demand from the formerly incarcerated, the snacks are now available for the general population, presumably to cut down on crimes motivated by a desire to have access to the chips again.

You can order your own prison snacks from The Whole Shabang’s online store right here. And never let it be said that at least one good thing never came out of the prison industrial complex.

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