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‘The Week Of’: New Adam Sandler/Chris Rock from Netflix (Teaser)

by Joseph
The Week Of

The Week Of

Adam Sandler gets a bad rap these days, and many scoffed when Netflix went all in on the Sandler business with a four-film contract. The first was the comedy western The Ridiculous Six, but the second movie seems to be a more sophisticated affair, the directorial debut of comedian Robert Smigel. It’s called The Week Of. 

The Week Of refers to the week of a wedding, between Adam Sandler’s daughter and Chris Rock’s son. Steve Buscemi is also involved in some undisclosed capacity, but the recently released teaser for the movie focuses on a car ride shared by Sandler and Rock. Take a look:

The Week Of hits your local Netflix account on April 27th. In case the tone of the commercial wasn’t clear, Netflix’s official listing for the movie describes it as “feel-good.” Good to know – you can check out that listing right here while you wait for the movie to come out.

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