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‘The Warriors’: Cult Classic Being Developed as TV Show

by Joseph
The Warriors

The Warriors

Walter Hill’s 1979 movie The Warriors is an enduring cult classic, and its theme of an America divided into myriad violent gangs at constant war with one another is becoming as relevant in these crazy times as it was back in 1979. So it’s appropriate that Joe and Anthony Russo, most recently of Captain America: Civil War, are bringing it back as a TV show.

The Warriors’ small screen remake is being developed in conjunction with Paramount and Hulu, so it will presumably be seen on the latter streaming platform. Little else about the show, like casting or even how the plot will be adjusted to fit the longer-form medium of TV, is known as of yet, but you can expect more details about the project to surface as the show gets closer to reality (so to speak).

In the meantime, you can read the initial story about The Warriors 2.0 right here. And if you’ve never seen the original movie, this might be a good excuse to finally do so.

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