Home Entertainment “The War of 1996”: “News Special” Promotes ‘Independence Day’ Sequel (Video)

“The War of 1996”: “News Special” Promotes ‘Independence Day’ Sequel (Video)

by Joseph
The War of 1996

The War of 1996

If you’re old enough to have been around/aware in 1996, you might be surprised to learn there was an attempted alien invasion that year, thwarted by heroic American forces only after the aliens destroyed the White House, among other feats of destruction. The reason you don’t remember that happening is because it was actually in the movie Independence Day.  But a bit of media has slipped from the fictional into our realm by way of a UWN news special entitled “The War of 1996.”

Despite its ostensible existence as a news special, the viral marketing spot “The War of 1996” actually seems like more of a promotional piece than fictional journalism. But it does provide context for the upcoming sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, involving humanity’s re-purposing of alien technology for purposes of defense (there may be some political subtext there, who knows).

“The War of 1996” can be viewed below. And to continue exploring Independence Day: Resurgence‘s viral marketing materials, head over to the official “War of 1996” site here.

Here’s the video:


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