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“The Wall”: Corona Releases Election Day Campaign Ad (Video)

by Joseph
The Wall

The Wall

I hopefully don’t have to tell you that today is Election Day in the US, and that you should hit up your local polling place if you haven’t already (and it’s not too late for you to do so). But Mexican beer brand Corona has produced a message specifically for today, and in case you’re still in the dark about its POV, it’s entitled “The Wall.”

“The Wall” stars actor Diego Luna, imploring viewers not to drink Corona but to fight against stereotypes in the media and any other “walls” that might stand between you and your goals. The brand itself released a statement to HUH about the unorthodox nature of the commercial:

“This campaign is very different from our other applications of the brand. Everyone is familiar with the iconic Corona campaigns but this time we want to pass a clear message to all Mexicans, to break their mental frontiers and keep progressing. We hope the message we’re sharing resonates not only with generations of Mexicans but with people around the world.”

And a little bit of viral video juice never hurt nobody either. You can watch “The Wall” for yourself below, and prepare yourself for all the beer commercial/campaign ads that will be here before you know it in 2020.

Here’s the video:

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