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‘The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book’

by Joseph
Waldorf Astoria Bar Book

The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book

You’ve probably heard of Manhattan‘s Peacock Alley, even if you know it as “the Waldorf Astoria bar” rather than its proper name. Peacock Alley’s manager Frank Caiafa has written a new book all about the bar, and this popular conception of the bar’s name is reflected in its title: The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book.

The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book contains a wealth of recipes (including a few originals devised by Frank Caiafa himself, like the Cole Porter), historical facts and anecdotes, tips for visitors, and more, all from Caiafa’s time as manager of the Peacock Alley bar. And with tips on bar maintenance and scaling recipes for a house party, it’s a worthwhile book even if you’ve never set foot in the hotel.

The book was just published two weeks ago, and you can get your copy of The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book from Amazon right here for just under $15.

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