Home Entertainment ‘The Vault’: A Bank Job / Horror Movie Starring James Franco (Trailer)

‘The Vault’: A Bank Job / Horror Movie Starring James Franco (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Vault

The Vault

As a filmgoer I tend to be enthusiastic for any unusual generic combinations – for instance, there aren’t very many movies that combine bank robbery with horror, and that’s the novel combo promised by The Vault, a new upcoming horror movie with a creepy trailer now on the internet.

The Vault is about two sisters who are forced by financial desperation to attempt a bank robbery. They’re prepared for the bank’s security, its staff, and even the cops, but they’re not prepared for whatever it is that lives in the underground vault, “off the grid” and deep underneath the bank. That would probably be enough to sell me on it, personally, but the fact that they went ahead and used the classic canard “Crime Does Not Pay” as a tagline just kicks it all the way over the top. Here’s the trailer:

The Vault will hopefully serve as a summer blockbuster tonic when it comes out on September 1st.


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