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‘The Vanual’: A Website Devoted to the Van Lifestyle

by Joseph
The Vanual

The Vanual

Living in a van that may or may not be located down by the river might have a few negative connotations among the general populace, but a select few know that the van life can mean unparalleled freedom. It’s these few that make up the target readership for The Vanual.

The Vanual is a website published this year by Zach Both which provides a step-by-step recreation of his experience turning a 2003 Chevy Express cargo van into a fully functioning camper. Everything’s broken down according to things like money, time, and available tools, and a full experience with the site will end with the reader traveling the country by van, never to pay a dime in rent ever again.

Of course, even if you don’t intend to uprooting yourself and see the North American continent via van, The Vanual is still worth a look just to see the kinds of things that are possible with a little bit of thrift and know-how. You can take that look right here.

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