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The Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

by Joseph
Vanhawks Valour

Vanhawks Valour

Remember that movie from a couple years ago, Premium Rush? Now, it seems like technology has advanced to the point of giving bike riders in the real world a little bit of that experience, with the unveiling of the Vanhawks Valour.

The Vanhawks Valour is billed by its creators as the  “first ever connected carbon fibre bicycle,” meaning that it takes lightweight carbon fiber construction and marries it to the latest smart technology, allowing riders to plan routes, detect blind spots, receive turn-by-turn navigation directions, real-time fitness feedback, and much more. There’s even a feature that connects each Vanhawks Valour to one another, which can help you avoid traffic jams (or meet up with fellow like-minded cyclists).

The Vanhawks Valour is available for pre-order now from its Kickstarter page here, where it has already nearly doubled its $100,000 fundraising goal with almost a month left to go. And the bike is set to come out sometime in November, 2014.


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