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The Ultimate Candy Bar From Cool Material

by Joseph
The Ultimate Candy Bar

The Ultimate Candy Bar

At this very moment, I can stick my head out of my window and see disturbingly elaborate Halloween decorations in front of one of the apartments next to mine, so the best holiday of the year must be just around the corner. And the folks at Cool Material have whipped up The Ultimate Candy Bar in honor of the occasion.

The Ultimate Candy Bar isn’t for sale, but with the site’s clear instructions you can make your own, with almost infinite possibilities for customization. The basic idea is that you melt down all your favorite Halloween chocolates into a pot, then freeze and cut the resultant mixture into a giant candy bar suicide. And let’s face it: There are worse ways to die.

For directions on how to create your own personalized version of The Ultimate Candy Bar, just head over to the official Cool Material site right here. And remember to add a bit of salt at the end, otherwise you might find yourself with a bland flavor mishmash instead of the Wonkian candy bar of your dreams.

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