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“The Twin Towers”: Comedian Writes Spot-On 9/11 ‘Seinfeld’ Spec Script

by Joseph
Seinfeld The Twin Towers

Seinfeld The Twin Towers

As we all know, Seinfeld, which in many people’s minds is still the definitive fictional picture of life in New York City, went off the air in 1998, three years before the September 11th attacks. That means that the most famous New Yorkers in the world—Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer—never had to contend with the events that changed their city (and a big chunk of the rest of the world) forever. But comedian Billy Domineau took it upon himself to imagine that they did, in a spec script for the show called “The Twin Towers.”

If you’re a Seinfeld fan, reading “The Twin Towers” may make you feel like you’re watching a lost episode of the show, albeit one with a macabre twist that not even Larry David would be likely to approve of.  So it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the gang back together to enact this particular script.

You can read “The Twin Towers” Seinfeld spec-script for yourself right here. The easy joke for me to make now would be something like “at least it’s better than ‘The Finale,'” but I like “The Finale” so I won’t go there.

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