Home Tech & Gear The Tiwal 3.2: Inflatable High-Performance Dinghy (Video)

The Tiwal 3.2: Inflatable High-Performance Dinghy (Video)

by Joseph
Tiwal 3.2

Tiwal 3.2

Typically, with watercraft, you tend to sacrifice performance for portability (or vice-versa). For instance, an inflatable raft you can stuff in your backpack probably isn’t going to break any surface speed records, and a high-speed motorboat is going to need some serious space in order to store it. But Tiwal has come out with the Tiwal 3.2, which probably won’t win any motorboat races but is still billed as “the very first high performance inflatable sailing dinghy for water sports.”

When fully inflated, the Tiwal 3.2 has a length of 10.5 feet, and its 111-lb body (including sails) can comfortably accommodate two people—three people if two of them are particularly small. It only takes 20 minutes to break down and store, and when it’s on the water it can compete with just about any other high-performance dinghy or sailboat out there.

If the Tiwal 3.2 seems like it would fit comfortably in your wheelhouse, just check out Tiwal’s website here for some more information. It starts at about $7,700, though, so if you can’t afford it you can at least check it out in the video below and dream.


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