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The Third Thumb: 3D-Printed Prosthetic Thumb Prototype (Video)

by Joseph
The Third Thumb

The Third Thumb

A prosthetic thumb, under conventional wisdom, would generally be thought of as an aid for people who have lost the use of one or both of their thumbs. But Dani Clode was inspired by the original definition of the word “prosthesis” when she invented The Third Thumb prototype:

“The origin of the word ‘prosthesis’ meant ‘to add, put on to,’ so not to fix or replace, but to extend. The Third Thumb is inspired by this word origin, exploring human augmentation and aiming to reframe prosthetics as extensions of the body.”

The Third Thumb straps to the wearer’s hand, effectively forming an extra thumb that they then control using a pressure sensors in their shoes. Want to grasp something with your new thumb? Press down on your shoe, and a grasping movement will be commanded via Bluetooth almost instantly. The applications for such a prosthesis are up to the user’s imagination – Sleight of hand card tricks would experience quite an upgrade, for one thing.

Read more about The Third Thumb right here, and check it out in action in the video below.


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