Home Style ‘The Story of Vans’: Vans Celebrates 50th Anniversary (Video)

‘The Story of Vans’: Vans Celebrates 50th Anniversary (Video)

by Joseph
The Story of Vans

The Story of Vans

Earlier this week was the 50th birthday of legendary skate shoe brand Vans—March 16th, 2016, to be exact. And as all brands must do when a nice, round, multiple-of-10 anniversary rolls around, Vans is celebrating its birthday with a spate of promotional materials, including a spot called The Story of Vans.

The Story of Vans lays out the history of the Van Doren Rubber Company in a little over 80 seconds of animation, tracing the brand from its humble beginnings to the pop culture icon it is today. It’s a typically quirky and low-key tribute for the brand, and if it does its job it will probably make you want to pick up another pair.

You can watch The Story of Vans for yourself below. And for more from the brand on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, grind on down to the official Vans site right here.

Here’s the video:


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