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‘The Star Wars’ Concept Trailer Based on Original Concept Art (Video)

by Joseph
The Star Wars

The Star Wars

Tonight, the latest chapter in the perpetual Star Wars saga hits theaters. So it might feel right to take a look at what this franchise could have been like had Ralph McQuarrie’s very early concept art (along with George Lucas‘ initial conception of his movie) been followed. DAVE School’s new video is a “concept trailer” for this alternate universe version of Star Wars – called, believe it or not, The Star Wars.

The Star Wars was Lucas’ original title for the first Star Wars movie, but the film we all know and love is different by this conception by a lot more than just a dropped definite article. Some of the characters that are now household names started out with different names, and – in Han Solo’s case – green skin and gills.

The Star Wars concept trailer can be viewed below, complete with an explanation for exactly how it came to be. Check it out, enjoy, and dream of a world where lowly stormtroopers get to use lightsabers too:

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